Nov 18, 2011

Day 1: Santiago - On the road again.. oh my...

It is actually day 7. It took me a whole week to get things in order and make the time to write Day 1 and beyond. Lucky for me, just like when you are going to start a new exercise routine, I unknowingly started with a very light load.  Santiago de Chile should take that as a complement. It has been extremely easy to get around here. It is not only well organized by Metropolitan standards, but unlike other mega cities, people are a bit reserved but very nice and friendly.

Mapocho River with San Cristobal Hill in the background.

The food has been really good. I have to figure out a way to share food tips better but the food has been awesome so far. I have had a lot of the local food such as: Lomo a lo Pobre (Tenderlon with Fries, Grilled Onions and a Fried Egg on Top), Mote con Huesillos (Don't ask! Some sort of drinkable/edible delicious and energizing syrup with corn and a small peach inside), Sandwich de Lomo Chacarero con Palta (Grilled Beef with Green Beans and Avocado in a bun).  And the juices, oh boy... natural raspberry, chirimoya, aliado (carrot and orange), simply delicious !!

Sandwich Chacarero with Raspberry Juice @ Domino

Great food and service at restaurants, quality fast food spots, and Restobars with appeal, make this town the foodie friendly place that was not before according to outdated tourist reviews.

Tiramisu @ Isidora, Las Condes
Bar Liguria
Somewhat off the beaten path was stumbling upon Parque de las Esculpturas (Sculpture Park) while going for a run near my rental apartment. Sculptures and touchy couples everywhere, enjoying the coming of summer.

Parque de las Esculpturas

I had almost forgotten the feeling of being on the road. The days are long because there is so much going on everywhere you go. The To Do list takes a completely different meaning. A wrong turn is a right turn into the unexpected, and the next thousand miles can be conquered 50 yards at a time.

Stumbled upon a show with free drinks at Andres Bello University

Santiago's Metro