Dec 19, 2011

Cajon del Maipo, on a Typical Santiaguino Sunday

Upon returning from Punta Arenas to Santiago and being Sunday, I arranged to rent a car for a day, to cruise around the city's outskirts at our own pace. We stopped for breakfast at a bakery in Las Condes and had some freshly made bread with eggs and the always present Palta (avocado) for spread. 

We then headed to Cajon del Maipo, a popular destination on weekends. The first stop was the  Concha y Toro vineyard in the Maipo valley.

A decent tasting and vineyard tour,

followed by the story of Don Melchor the first Concha y Toro owner.  He had to create the myth that the devil lived in one of the house quarters where he stocked his best wine, because it was mysteriously disappearing. Thus the name of El Casillero del Diablo (devil's pigeonhole), their most popular brand.  Today, "Don Melchor" is the brand of their best cabernet sauvignion, and it is stored at El Casillero until ready for sale.

El Casillero del Diablo
Afterwards we made our way to San Jose de Maipo, stopping at Cascada de Las Animas and having lunch in the pretty unique restaurant Casa Bosque.  

Cajon del Maipo

Restaurante Casa Bosque
On the way back we stopped by the Parque Arauco mall. A large complex with every American brand imaginable. Although, it was not a sight on our list, I knew it would be alright for a change, to finish the day doing the most common things Santiaguinos would do on a Sunday.

Next morning, after taking my dad to the airport, I worked a little and then crashed and only left to grab a bite. I am sure he did the  same an when he got home. 

The overall experience of travelling and bonding with my old man was priceless,and highly recommended to everyone if possible !