Oct 30, 2011

The RTW Itinerary For Now

This is the first cut at the RTW (Round the World) trip itinerary. I am sure it will be changing for the best of course. I will be tracking my past and future stops via Google Maps. Take a look at the Route Map as it develops and the anticipated Future Stops.

Leave me comments if you have any future travel plans along this route maybe we can meet up there. Also, if you have any destinations where you have been that you loved and think I should go to.

Oct 11, 2011

Prologue - 30 days 'til the trip of a lifetime...

Welcome to my travel blog.  I am not sure how this experiment will evolve with time but I hope that  it allows me to stay in touch with friends, family and with the people that I am about to meet along the way. Also, for anybody else who finds what I have to say interesting or useful in anyway... Enjoy and thanks for visiting !

Although I am not much of a writer nor a story teller, this whole experience is about adventure and trying new things. So here is the first one, Blogging. Hopefully keeping it up to date and interesting is not that difficult, and instead is the natural outcome of anecdotes, places, journeys, delicious meals, and even awkward moments, getting lost, etc...

It would be awesome to get feedback from all of you, and your comments about the photos and writings. My feelings won't get hurt if you think that I totally suck at this. This blog can only get better with time and with your comments.

I am writing this blog for the present time and for posterity (my future kids, grand kids, etc...)  For that reason, I will write in English but will make sure to find a good page translator, and to write in Spanish once in a while, because I am sure somethings will have to be told in Spanish and simply cannot be translated.

"This blog is dedicated to all the wonderful people that have been part of my past, to those who I enjoy spending time with today, and in advance to those who await crossing paths with me in the future. And finally, to all the great human beings that leave a mark behind in this world, and inspire me everyday to think different, to never dumb down, and to make my all of my dreams come true... 
Thank you with love and respect. - ViejoJimmy"