Dec 8, 2011

The End of the World. Ushuaia a.k.a "El Culo del Mundo"

No one should expect that getting to the end of the world is easy. Mainly if you are flying there in Aerolineas Argentinas.  We have been hearing for days that flights from El Calafate to Ushuaia are delayed with the excuse that some volcano's ashes are causing the problem. Nevertheless, we had to pull a couple of Amazing Race championship moves. My father played the sidekick part really well.

While my dad was doing the regular line, I went on the side skipping the 100+ passengers line ("A lo Colombiano") and got us even on an earlier flight. We had to run to make it, but otherwise our original flight, if it ever took off, was already delayed about 4 hours.  On the plane, I sat next to a guy who had been waiting for three days to leave El Calafate. The town is nice, but 3 days waiting is too long.

So we land in the Southern most city in the World, 2 hours ahead of time, and we still had a challenge... buying our bus ticket to Punta Arenas. We ran to the travel agency and a nasty woman even made fun of us, signalling that it was already closed.

  Not wanting to repeat the Las Torres episode,  I ran across town, and lost my dad completely, to find another tour operator that would still be open and issue the tickets. 30 minutes later, tickets on hand, I regrouped with my father and we went to celebrate at Lola's restaurant (Highly Recommended) our teamwork success. 

From there on, Ushuaia, was pleasant. The city is not as nice as El Calafate, it is a harbor town anyways, but the surroundings are spectacular. Next day, we get on a boat to see the sights and we had a great time.  If you ever go there, do not sell yourself short for the 3 hour tour of the Beagle Channel, do the whole route to Estancia Harberton; it is worth the visit.

Isla Los Leones
The Island Pimp

Cormorans and "Un Pelo" Sea Lions

The End of The World is just as beautiful as the rest of it!

Canadians and cormorans have in common that they always need to clarify. Canadians are not American, cormorans are not penguins... even though they look a lot alike.

Something about this picture below makes it one of my favorites. Can you guess what it is ?

Great catamaran voyage !

Who is looking at who? (Mommy, the tourists have arrived. Let's go take a look at them.)

Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse

Postcards 5 cents

And then "La Isla de los Pajaros"

Featuring a pistol duel with "John Pingwayne". Another favorite !

After seeing from afar the penguins, we land at Estancia Harberton.

And to our surprise, two of the marine biologists in the Museum, happen to be Colombians doing an exchange program, whose main job is to remove meat from whale bones for studies and the exhibits. Yes, at the end of the end of the world "En el Re-Culo del Mundo", peeling bones. Some people really gotta love what they do... Kudos to you girls !

On the way back by bus, we had a couple of nice sights

Just a little bit of wind in the area.
and at the end of the day we met for hot chocolate with our Spanish friends, and debated how messed up our world economy is, and how blowing your savings travelling has better returns than the stock markets of the world.

Happy Travels !